Digital Guides with QR Code for Guest Communication

Analog meets Digital

The Qart Idea was born in the romantic city of Steyr in Austria.

Within a long brainstorming session our team came up with the concept
of combining old handcrafting traditions with digital technology.

QR systems for digital city & hotel guides and menus are beautifully embedded into fine artwork.
Let us show you how we do that!

Qart is one of the nicest ways to use a QR code.

We combine latest digital technology and all your info to bring it contactless to your guests' smartphones.

A Schnitzel goes mobile!

What is Qart?
With Qart we transform your info into digital content!

How Qart works
Guests can scan your QR code to see your info & promotions directly on their smartphones or tablets.

What guests want in the future
Over 75% of guests already want to see digital info & guides in hotels, cities and restaurants!

Promotions for your QR code comes in many ways
Wall-art canvas, coasters, table stands, stickers, promo cards, ...

We can update your QR Info in real time
The QR code remains even if the content changes.

It's that easy to go digital

We create your digital Qart Profile with all your Info and your QR Code.
We use your contact, photos, logo, social media links, ...

You choose how you want to distribute your QR Code:
Table displays, coasters, stickers, QR Wall Art, banners for your website & social media, ...

Add more to your Digital Guide
We can also integrate your reservation & order systems, sweepstakes, VIP-Clubs, reviews, vouchers, online marketing, and much more.

The Qart Elements

Digital QR City & Hotel Guides
We transfer your info from printed brochures into a digital guide for smart-phones.

Digital QR Menu & Info
Offer your customers contactless menus & information.

QR & Art
Eye-catching wall-art combined with your QR code.